"Dreaming of lucid dreaming” has been found to bother beginners a lot. Many beginners are really frustrated whenever they see themselves dreaming about lucid dreaming. In fact, such an incident can even frustrate experts, especially when it fails to trigger a lucid dream in the moment.

The trigger for lucid dreaming has to be a DEEP realization that everything around you in the dream is a simulation of sorts. Once you understand this, you can begin to control the dream as you wish.


The trick to flying in a lucid dream is developing absolute faith in your ability to fly. Since your mind is projecting the dream, if you have any doubts about flying, you will be unable to fly.

To develop confidence in your ability to fly, there are several methods that can be employed in a lucid dream :

1 • BIRD - Jump off the top of a high object, then spread your arms like a bird and ‘pull up’

2 • ROCKET - Raise your arms and rocket into the air like Neo or Superman / Superwoman

3 • HELICOPTER - Extend your arms outwards and spin around like a helicopter - this will propel you way up

4 • THIRD EYE - ‘Move the dream around you’ with the third eye. This is possible without even moving the dream-body. In order to achieve this most exhilarating method, the third eye must be opened and purified through meditation, then it will naturally come.

There is an awesome program designed to make you a master at lucid dreaming and astral projection containing 6 informative ebooks on these topics and includes techniques, benefits, tips, and guidelines, as well as audio files and tons of bonus material. There is also information and audio files of binaural sound frequencies and how we can use these to explore our minds. This program is accessible and effective. Anyone can have these experiences, and they can change your life.

Check out the program here: http://tinyurl.com/o7nyr7n

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