August is over… I can feel autumn hastening its pace day by day. The days begin to feel like they’re slowing down, things become more cozy and warm even though you can tell each night it becomes a bit colder than the last. It’s a time to be thankful and become more grounded. I’m not a very grounded person and I think that’s why I love this time of year. It helps me ground myself in the present moment and take care of my physical body instead of living in my head 24/7. I used to have this bittersweet love for autumn because I knew that’s when school started but it has always been my favorite time of year! But since that I’m not in school anymore I can now fully enjoy my favorite season!!!! I’ve just started my “new moon manifestation” journal and I’m hoping to get some projects rolling once I get back up in Wisconsin within the next week. This trip down to Florida has taught me a lot to say the least. One of the main things is, it’s helped me become more motivated, inspired and it’s boosted my self confidence as well. I can’t wait to go back up to Wisconsin to start these projects and to just get comfy and take it slow as autumn approaches! It’s all about taking baby steps… no one in the right mind should expect anyone to jump the grand canyon. Be gentle with yourself and take your time ❤ love you guys ~xoxoxo


~ Autumn ~ →


The leaves are becoming tinted with hues of reds, browns, and oranges, the days are becoming shorter, and everything seems so warm and welcoming when the air first starts to get nippy. The people seem cheery, even more so than during the holidays. There is almost this pause, were our day-to-day lives start to slow down and become rich with passion and exuberance.

I’ve always had a bias for autumn more than any other season. It’s probably because it’s the most neutral of seasons where I grew up. The mornings are misty while the nights are foggy with the afternoons being without even one sodden cloud. It’s rare for an autumn to be hiemal so a light jacket with a scarf and a hat would do. Nature walks are so vibrant that it almost feels like the colors are hugging you as you walk deeper and deeper into the forest. The sights, sounds, & smells all warm you up without a single hand warmer. Theatrical and ghoulish things start to rise up from their hibernations; Halloween movies start to play on almost every channel, there is a pumpkin stand on almost every corner that sells gourds, flint, and hay stacks, and of course who can forget the art of consumerism starts to perk up, once again, all over town.

I love that there is always the smell of spices in the air, mixtures of: ginger, cloves, nutmeg, star anise, mace, and of course cinnamon!

When the wind starts to nip at your fingertips and your nose, you start to want to nuzzle up with others, even if you’re not a snuggling kind of person, you always seem to end up huddled together with the ones you love.

For many Pagan and Wiccan traditions it is a time of giving thanks for the things we have, whether it is abundant crops or other blessings. It’s a time of thanks, and also a time of balance — after all, there are equal hours of daylight and darkness. While we celebrate the gifts of the earth, we also accept that the soil is dying. We have food to eat, but the crops are brown and going dormant. Warmth is behind us, cold lies ahead. It’s a neutral time, to pause and reflect on the past year and what lies ahead. It’s a time for gathering, togetherness, & manifesting abundance. The energy of this season is grounding and stable, helping you to connect to and be more aware of this physical 3rd dimension and your physical body. Eat a lot of root veggies and winter veggies to help this process. Surround yourself with grounding colors like: reds, browns, and black. Some herbs can help too; whether you use them for tea, incense, or essential oils, they can help with this process as well; Cedar, Vetiver, Benzoine, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Cyrus, Oak Moss, Patchouli, Rosewood, Pine, Juniper, Spruce, White Fir, Angelica, Chamomile, and Lavender are some oils that are used for grounding. Many of these can be found in teas, incense, or oils and can be used in many different ways, find which way is best for you. Some people can’t handle strong scents that are given off by incense so for those of you that don’t like it you can buy an aroma diffuser/vaporizer for your oils which doesn’t give off as strong of a scent. Some crystals give off grounding energies some of these stones are: Hematite, Smokey Quarts, Obsidian, Red Coral, Onyx, Black Tourmaline, Ruby, Garnet, Pyrite Tiger Iron, Tigers Eye, Black Opal, Staurolite, Vanadinite, Black Andradite Garnet, Apache Tears, Goethite, Magnetite, Axinite, Cassiterite, Chiastolite, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Red Uvite, Red Crocoite, Covellite, Carnelian, Fire Agate, Elestial Quartz, Nuummite, Red Jasper, Zircon, Shungite, and Brown Tourmaline are some stones used for grounding.

Happy Autumn, my darlings (◠‿◠✿)

It’s that time of year again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😄


How To Ground Yourself



Autumn is my favorite time of year; the season when you don’t dress in bulk but dress cuddly and warm; the season when leaves and hay, sticks to your cloths and hair; the season when the smell of cinnamon, hot chocolate and fallen leaves fill the air; the season when Halloween dances in the streets like ghosts in the fog. Autumn is the most pretty and warm hearted season of all.


What are your favorite ways to “ground”?

I am definitely one of those people that lives in her own head. I’ve always had trouble with living in the present moment and connecting with my body. This is due to abuse and also because I’m just innately a very ungrounded person… but seriously you guys should see my birth chart, it’s ridiculous! But anyways… here are some of my favorite ways to ground myself:

  • swimming in the ocean, lakes, and streams
  • scuba diving… you have to be in the present moment when scuba diving; no time to day dream.
  • snorkeling
  • going barefoot; feeling the cold wet grass stick to my feet… feeling my feet sink in the sand while the little particles go in between my toes… the hot and therapeutic sensation of stepping onto a rock when the sun is the highest…
  • sitting outside in silence observing nature intently… listening to the wind blow through the trees, making my long hair blow around while it tickles my arms as I get goosebumps…
  • being with my dog… sticking my face into his big mane and smelling his hypoallergenic fur (Samoyed’s don’t smell like “dogs”)… petting his soft fluffy fur… kissing his ears; they feel like the plant Lambs Ear.
  • body scanning
  • cooking (if I’m in the mood for grounding I’d specifically be cooking root veggies); smelling the aromas… getting my hands all dirty… washing my hands under cold water after they’re hot from cutting up and peeling veggies… not using a recipe but using my nose to figure out which spices would be good for the dish…
  • burning incense or defusing essential oils making my room smell like heaven on earth
  • taking baths (salt baths)
  • I love autumn because it’s the perfect time of year to ground oneself!!! and considering it’s right around the corner I’m so excited ^-^

Check it out: video | article on grounding



Be the LOVE that this world needs.


We really didn’t have enough money, enough people, or enough time for our road trip. I almost called it off when I originally started planning it. But there will never be a good time to travel the country for four weeks, just like there will never be a good time to quit your job, read that book, or join a gym. You will probably never have enough money, time, connections, willpower, whatever—to feel ready to make a dream happen. And this is the lesson I learned: eventually you have to stop giving yourself excuses and make the jump.